PCC agreement with Shaw University offers social work students a smooth path to a bachelor’s degree

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by Elizabeth Townsend

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Students in Piedmont Community College’s (PCC) Human Services-Social Work program who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree after receiving their associate degree at PCC now have a smooth transition as a result of a new agreement between PCC and Shaw University. PCC and Shaw University leaders signed a new articulation agreement last week, revising an agreement the two institutions previously had.

“The PCC-Shaw University articulation agreement gives PCC students an easier path to earning a higher degree,” said Sheri Narin, Instructor/Coordinator of PCC’s Human Services Technology program. “The Shaw program fits in with working students’ needs, too, since Shaw offers its program in the evening and through online classes. Plus, it is an accredited program.”

Although Shaw University’s main campus is located in Raleigh, it also offers classes at nine CAPE (Center for Alternative Programs in Education) Centers located throughout North Carolina. Most PCC Human Services-Social Work graduates who want to earn a bachelor’s degree will probably elect to attend Shaw’s CAPE Center in Durham due to its convenient location, according to Cassandra F. Brown, Director of the Durham CAPE facility.

“We at Shaw University are excited about the great possibilities this articulation agreement offers,” said Dr. Pamela Denning, the University’s Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs. “As partners, PCC and Shaw will be able to help students develop the skills they will need to become the next social workers. We also are helping people develop those skills while they stay in their own communities and then to contribute to their communities as social workers.”

Dr. Walter Bartlett, PCC President, said the agreement provides yet another benefit for adults in Person and Caswell counties who want to earn the degrees to become social work professionals. “The ability for working adults to come to PCC and complete courses for an associate degree and then follow an easy path to a four-year degree is a real plus that pays off for students and our communities,” said Dr. Bartlett. “We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with Shaw University to provide this opportunity for the people we serve.”

PCC’s offers as Associate degree program in Human Services as well as in Human Services-Social Work. For more information about these programs as well as the transfer options to Shaw University, contact Sheri Narin at (336) 322-2203 or e-mail her at sheri.narin@piedmontcc.edu.

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Shaw University leaders traveled to PCC’s Person County Campus to put their signatures on the social work articulation agreement. Signing the document are Dr. Pamela Denning, left, Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs at Shaw University; and Dr. Walter Bartlett, PCC President. Standing, from left, are: Cassandra F. Brown, Director, Shaw University Durham CAPE; Dr. Doris Carver, Interim Vice President Instruction and Student Development/Continuing Education, PCC; MaNina McNeill, Interim Chair, Department of Social Work, Shaw; Monique Holsey-Hyman, Assistant Professor/Curriculum Quality Coordinator, Shaw; and Sheri Narin, Instructor/Coordinator Human Services Technology program, PCC.