2013-2014 Academic Calendar Update

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These changes have been made to Piedmont Community College's Curriculum schedule only. They do not apply to Continuing Education classes.

Fall 2013 (
August 19, 2013 - December 18, 2013) 

Wednesday, October 16, will be used as the 8th Monday of the mini-mester. 
Monday only classes will meet on October 1,6 and Wednesday only classes will not. Monday/Wednesday classes will not be affected.
Spring 2014 ( January 6, 2013 - May 10, 2014)  

Monday, January 6, classes begin.   
First Spring Break will be March 4-8.  
Second Spring Beak will be April 17-23.  
Classes end Saturday, May 10. 
Friday May 16 will be Graduation.  

Classes that did not meet on January 7 and 8 will be made up in accordance with PCC Policy 2.10 Inclement Weather. Those classes also will have a change in the census date. March 4 and 5 are tentatively designated as makeup days for classes that require face-to-face meetings.           

If you have any questions about the College Academic Calendar, please contact your Dean. 

(Updated January 16, 2014)