Some PCC Friday and Saturday classes still open for registration

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by Elizabeth Townsend

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Piedmont Community College still has several classes Friday or Saturday classes that have space for more students. The classes meet one day a week, either Friday or Saturday, These classes remain open for registration through next Thursday, Aug. 29. A wide range of classes are available, including Ceramics (Pottery), College Transfer Success, Criminal Justice, Digital Effects and Animation, English, Psychology, Film and Video Production, Math, Psychology, Spanish, and Welding.

Classes with Friday or Saturday open sections include: College Transfer Success (ACA 122), Ceramics I, II, III, and IV (ART 283, 284, 285, and 286), Investigative Photography (CJC 114), Implementation Project I (DEA 230), Writing Foundations (ENG 080), Composition Strategies (ENG 090), Composition Strategies Lab (ENG 090A), Oral Communications (ENG 115), Production Techniques I and II (FVP 212 and 213), Production Specialties I and II (FVP 250 and 251), Mathematical Measurement (MAT 110), Developmental Psychology (PSY 241), Elementary Spanish I (SPA 111), Cutting Processes (WLD 110), Oxy-Fuel Welding (WLD 111), Basic Welding Processes (WLD 112), SMAW (stick) Plate/Pipe (WLD 116B), GMAW (MIG) FCAW/Plate (WLD 121BB), Symbols and Specifications (WLD 141), and Certification Practices (WLD 261).

To view the complete list of these classes along with their meetings times and instructors, go to PCC website: To register, visit the Student Development Office in Person or Caswell County. For more information, call 322-2159.