Winners named in The Great QR4U Race

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Congratulations to the winners of The Great QR4U Race at PCC today! Two teams tied for first place. They were The Quantitative Reasoners composed of Katie Hester (captain), Blake Duncan, Dawn Langley, Brittney Solomon, and Denzel Williams; and Limitless, composed of Patti Morgan (captain),  Patrick Morgan, Caleb Oakley, Chris Riley, and Joey Sanders. Third place winner was Go Figure, composed of Edna Brown (captain), Damien Dienstfrei, Drake Howell, Jackie Jones, and Paul Phillips.

A total of eight teams competed in the event that required them to complete five challenges using quantitative reasoning. Quantitative reasoning is the topic for PCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a plan to improve student learning. The title for the College’s QEP is QR4U, meaning “quantitative reasoning for you” to emphasize that quantitative reasoning is a skill that everyone needs in their daily lives.

Development of a QEP is part of the College’s current work towards reaffirmation of its accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges. A team of educators representing SACS will visit PCC on Oct. 2-4 to review the QEP, which will be implemented during Spring Semester 2013 if approved. The purpose of QR4U is “to improve students’ quantitative reasoning skills by implementing mathematics across the curriculum, using problem-solving and real-life applications.

Other teams competing in The Great QR4U Race included:Stick It To ‘Em: Alisa Montgomery (captain), Abby Heron, Walter Montgomery, James Simpson, and Charlene Wilson.SGA Pacers: Matt Jones (captain), Mary Jo Bartlett, Stephen DeSimone, Jamie Neely, and Tracy Ritter.Fab Five: Merlette Walker (captain), Barbara Bocik, Rene Boisvert, Lisa Palmer, and Staci Vaughan.Phi Theta Kappa: Norwood Walker (captain), Vanessa Bass, Mitch Christiansen, Jeanean Glover, and Michael McWright.CARE Team: Sheri Narin (captain), Bobbi Music, Donna Rutledge, Rosa Victoriano, and Nancy Watts.