Learn How to Read People in the Workplace

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Piedmont Community College’s Business Development and Entrepreneurship Center (BDEC) will hold a free seminar, “I Know You! How to Read People in the Workplace”, on Wednesday, March 1, from 6-9 p.m. at the BDEC, 105 N. Main St., Roxboro. Mike Collins will be the presenter.

What if you could "read" people? What if, by listening to how they talked, watching how they listened, and observing little things about them, you could determine how they wanted to get information, how they wanted you to work with them, even how close they wanted you to get to them? In this seminar you will discover: your own behavioral style, how to determine the style of others, what clues to watch and listen for in order to read people, how to find out what their main motivation in the workplace might be, and how to avoid many of the simple conflicts that plague workplace communication.

Register by calling the BDEC at (336) 599-0032. The seminar will be offered at no cost to participants.