Play Christmas carols on the piano---this season!

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Ever wanted to know how to play piano without all that excessive note reading, theory, and counting?  If you’re one of those folks who’d like to play but thought it impossible, get ready to learn this approach on Friday, Nov. 18, in a workshop, “How to Play the Piano in Three Hours.” Deborah Belcher will teach the class from 6-9 p.m. in the Barnette Auditorium (Building D, Room 101) on the Person County Campus. 

 A professional musician herself, Belcher has taught this workshop nationwide for over 15 years. “While the traditional (classical) approach demands long-term discipline and precision in piano playing, this approach emphasizes enjoyment and getting great sounds early on,” said Belcher in explaining the difference between her method and the traditional piano teaching method. “This pain-free method is more suitable for playing and singing carols around the piano, as well as for hymns and pop music of all kinds, from Broadway to rhythm and blues.”  

Belcher describes the class materials as “accessible and practical, and allow a person with little or no experience to start on the road to -- and ultimately achieve -- professional playing skills without continuing lessons.” Many students take the workshop with no prior musical experience, and those with traditional piano experience also benefit. Students will learn how to use chords instead of traditional note-by-note reading. They’ll learn to use sheet music in an entirely new way that is extremely simple, and they’ll discover many of the magical shortcuts that the pros use to enhance their playing. Belcher promises that after this workshop each student will know the secret of playing any Christmas carol (or pop tune or hymn) with both hands using this system.   

The registration fee is $74, including the cost of materials and is payable to Piedmont Community College by Wednesday, Nov. 16. For further information or to register, call Phyllis Gentry at Piedmont Community College, (336) 599-1181, ext. 269 or e-mail