GED test changes are coming!

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In 2009, Piedmont Community College’s Adult Basic Skills program announced that the GED Test as it currently exists will conclude in December 2011. GED Testing Service has changed the date to December 2013. That means if you are thinking about enrolling in a GED study program or taking the GED test to earn your high school equivalency, the time is now!    

GED Placement testing and intake are underway for new students to enroll for fall semester until Oct. 7 at both campuses of PCC. GED classes have begun and are filling up! So, reserve your seat to be able to prepare to take the GED test’s current edition as soon as possible.   Every 10 years, the American Council on Education changes the content and format of the GED Test, a high school equivalency exam. The change is necessary to correlate with the knowledge an average high school graduate would have mastered while in school. As high school content and requirements change so must the GED content.   

More than 45 states have agreed to adopt the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), college and career readiness standards designed for the K-12 system, into adult education. The 2014 GED Test will also be based upon these standards. Other changes to the GED Test for 2014 were explained at the NC Basic Skills Conference in August 2011 and include the following: The test will be computer based. (No pencil and paper)Scientific calculator will be replaced by computer keyboard for math.Cost for each subject (5 subjects) of the test will be $25 each or $125 total. (Currently $25 for total cost which includes all 5 subjects)Science and social studies content knowledge and applicable skills will be required. (Current edition is based on student’s reading skills these subjects.)The writing component will require knowledge of major historical events and historical documents to develop a paper on a topic. (Not the current five paragraph essay)The writing component will require word processing skills. (Current edition is paper and pencil format.)   “We encourage people who have already begun working on the current edition of the  GED test preparation to continue their study this fall because a new version of the GED test will be launched in January 2014,” said Debra Harlow, PCC’s Adult Basic Skills director. “Anyone who did not pass all five subjects before the current test edition expires in December 2013 will have to take all five subject tests of the 2014 edition.”  

The GED test is given monthly at both the Person and Caswell County campuses. Both day and evening test times are offered. In order to take the GED Test, adults will first need to complete and pass the Official GED Practice Tests. These tests and the GED Program of study are offered through PCC’s Adult Basic Skills/GED classes and are free of charge. However, the GED Test fee is $25 and must be paid prior to the official GED testing. Students need a valid government issued photo identification card to register for classes and to take the GED Test.   The GED Test is a timed test. Anyone who cannot take the test as timed, needs one-on-one testing or any other test format changes must complete the required documentation to qualify for special accommodations testing and submit it to PCC’s GED Chief Examiner, Adelaide Beeker, prior to testing. Content for the GED Test is as follows: Literature Arts:  Writing Skills, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Literature Arts:  Reading.  

The N.C. Community College System and the Commission of Accreditation of Service Experiences, American Council on Education designates PCC as a GED Testing Center.   For additional information on GED preparation, the GED Test schedule or the Official Practice Tests, contact the Adult Basic Skills office in Roxboro at (336) 599-1181, ext. 268 or Yanceyville at (336) 694-5707, ext. 238.