13-week classes start next week

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If you wanted to enroll for Fall semester at Piedmont Community College (PCC), but didn’t quite make it, you have a second chance! PCC will offer 12 classes that begin between Sept. 6 and Sept. 16. Eight of the classes will be offered on the Internet, and the other four will be offered on PCC’s Person County Campus.

“These 13-week classes offer a great opportunity for high school students who did not enroll prior to the start of the high school classes,” said Mike Dossett, Vice President, Instruction and Student Development. “One that might be of particular interest is Certified Nursing Assistant I (NAS 101.02P). This class provides the quickest way to a career that is in great demand.” Students who successfully complete this class are eligible to take the exam to become Certified Nursing Assistants. The class will be offered Monday through Thursday from 5:50-9:05 p.m.

Other 13-week classes to be offered include College Student Success (ACA 111.61P), starting Sept. 10 and meeting Saturdays from 8-9:45 a.m.; General Biology I (BIO 163.61P), starting Sept. 13, and meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7:50 p.m.; and Carpentry I (CAR 111.01), starting Sept. 16, and meeting Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-8:20 p.m. The following classes will be offered via the Internet: Introduction to Business (BUS 110.72), Business Law I (BUS 115.72), two sections of Intro to Computers (CIS 115.72 and CIS 115.75), Criminology (CJC 112.71), Criminal Law (CJC 131.71), Principles of Microeconomics I (ECO 251.71), and Microeconomics II (ECO 252.71).

These classes are open to adults as well as high school students and offer a full-semester’s worth of academic credit in a 13-week period by offering longer class times. The regular semester is 16 weeks long. For information or to register, call (336) 599-1181, ext. 272. PCC can help you decide which class is right for you and options available to help you pay for classes.