Controlled tobacco use now in effect

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A new policy concerning tobacco use on Piedmont Community College (PCC) campuses goes into effect Monday, Aug. 1. Beginning that day, use of all tobacco products will be restricted to specified outdoor locations.   The College has placed gazebos with receptacles in strategic locations around both campuses to accommodate tobacco users. College students, faculty, staff and visitors will all be subject to this policy, which was approved by the PCC Board of Trustees last April.

The policy (Policy 2.29 Tobacco Use), reads:   “Piedmont Community College prohibits the use of tobacco products in any college building, facility or vehicle. Tobacco use is allowed in designated campus locations (gazebos) with receptacles. Students and employees are required to place tobacco materials in receptacles located within the designated areas.”  

Dr. Walter Bartlett, PCC President, said the change came as a response to PCC employees who expressed concern about exposure to second-hand smoke on campus during the “Let’s Talk” sessions he holds regularly with College faculty and staff. “What we’ve tried to do with this policy is two-fold. First, we recognize the increased awareness of the hazards of secondhand tobacco smoke, and we desire to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone on our campus. Secondly, we understand the importance of the history and heritage of tobacco in our areas, and we want to respect that along with people’s personal choices.”  

The College is in the process of erecting campus signage to reflect the new policy and to direct tobacco users to the gazebos. Four gazebos are available on the Person County Campus, and two are located on the Caswell County Campus.