The Cost of PCC
Tuition and fees for degree, diploma and certificate programs for each semester are payable at registration. (Subject to change by NC General Assembly and/or State Board of Community Colleges)

In-State Tuition:

$76 per credit hour up to 16 semester credit hours not to exceed $1,274 per semester.

Out-of-State Tuition:

$268 per semester hour but not to exceed $4,346(16 hours) per semester.


(Subject to change by the Piedmont Community College Board of Trustees)

Student Activity fee
$20 per Fall and Spring semester
$10 per Summer semester 

Technology Fee
$16 per Fall and Spring semester
$10 per Summer semester

Campus Access Fee
$20 per Fall and Spring semester
$10 per Summer semester

Student Accident Insurance 
$1.25 per semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) 

Books and Supplies: (average per semester)

The Business Office is responsible for collection of tuition and fees. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday.

A student is not eligible for re-registration if he or she has an outstanding debt due the institution or any other technical college or community college.

Any student having an outstanding delinquent account is not allowed to graduate or receive his or her diploma or degree. In addition, the College will not forward a transcript of records or any information concerning any delinquent student's permanent record to any other source.

A fee of $25 is charged to students for each check returned for "insufficient funds." No other personal checks will be accepted from these students during that semester or the following semester.
Tuition Waiver
  1. Waiver for New and Expanding Industry Trainees enrolled in courses under the New and Expanding Industry Program are exempt from paying registration. 
  2. Waiver for Department of Correction Full-time employees who work only with inmates are exempt from paying registration fees for applicable courses. Applicable courses would be those courses which enhance the correction employees in the performance of their duties. 
  3. Waiver for AHS, GED and ABE Students Students taking courses in these areas are exempt from paying an extension registration fee when enrolled in these courses. There is a GED test fee of $7.50 for each test. 
  4. Waiver for Sheltered Workshops and ADAP Centers Clients enrolled in these programs are not required to pay an extension registration fee when enrolled in these courses.
  5. Waiver for Firemen, Policemen or Rescue Personnel Individuals enrolled in courses that enhance the performance of their duties are exempt from paying registration fees.