Important Forms & Documents
There are many important forms that PCC students may find helpful. For this reason, some of these forms are available to be viewed and downloaded for your convenience. If their are other forms you need, please contact Student Development at (336) 322-2159.

Transcript Request Forms

Transcript Request Form

Admissions Process Forms

Application for Admissions

High School or College Transcript Request Form

GED Transcript Request Form


2014-2015 Financial Aid Forms

2014/2015 Authorization Form

Unusual Enrollment Form

Summer 2015 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Request

Piedmont Community College Forms for Verification

Dependent Verification Worksheet 2014-2015

Independent Verification Worksheet 2014-2015

Dependent Child Support Paid 2014-2015

Independent Child Support Paid 2014-2015

Dependent SNAP Benefits 2014-2015

Independent SNAP Benefits 2014-2015

Other Untaxed Income Form 2014-2015

* Students selected for verification by the School Servicing Center will be contacted by email directly from the School Servicing Center.  You can access the School Servicing Center forms at or contact them toll free at 855-328-4400.

Work Study Forms

Student Employee Time Sheet

Work Study Application

Nursing Program Information

TEAS Test Dates Flyer Class of 2015

TEAS Application

Other Forms & Documents

2014-15 Student Verification Policy

In-State Residency Application

Change of Student Information Form Web Form/Paper Form

Drop/Add Form 

Withdrawal Form (form now can be done through WebAdvisor)

Graduation Application

Programs of Study (currently being updated)

Trial Schedule