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Students who are undecided on a program, career, or wish to change career paths are strongly encouraged to stop by the Career Center. Staff members assist students in exploring their interests, values, abilities, experiences and personality; and how they relate to the various career fields. The Career Center is located in Bldg. E – Student Services, and offers the following resources:

  1. Career Testing – Self - Assessments
  2. Resume Writing
  3. Interview Preparation
  4. Printed Resources Various materials
  5. PCC Career Connection website PCC has its own online job posting website. This site allows students to search for job within their surrounding areas and beyond, apply for jobs, upload resumes, cover letters and other important documents. Please review the Career Connection Privacy Policy before logging on to the site.
Career Center Options
1. Career Testing

 Self Assessments are one of the first tools used in career counseling, and can come in many different forms. The purpose of an assessment is to help you learn more about yourself. Self awareness is the key to making a good career choice. At the Career Center you will find the following inventories:
  • CFNC offers some assessment tools free of charge. One good assessment provided by CFNC is the Interest Profiler. The assessments are free, but you will need to set up an account if you do not have one.
  • Myer-Brigg Type Indicator – This assessment can help you understand the attributes of your personality and how they relate to your career choices. It is based on the theory that you are most satisfied and successful in a career that allows you to use your natural preferences. Understanding your strengths and personality type will help you determine the type of careers and activities you might enjoy and thrive in. There is a fee of $10 for students and $ 15 for non-students.

  • Strong Interest Inventory – This assessment measures your preferences over a wide range of occupations, work tasks, leisure activities, and academic subjects and compares your interests with those of professionals working in a variety of occupations who enjoy their job. It also includes information on how your interests can be linked to college majors. By identifying trends among your interests, the assessment generates an extensive list of prospective careers for further exploration. There is a fee of $10 for students and $15 for non-students. 
2. Resume Writing

Need help writing a Resume? Need a Resume critiqued? What type of Resume is good for you? The Career Center is here to help. Remember a good resume is an essential tool for finding a job. Resume assistance is available to students and alumni. Appointments are needed and encouraged. Please bring a resume (printed and/or electronic) and a jump/flash drive. For tips and advice on writing resumes and cover letters visit:
 3. Interview Preparation

I have an Interview, now what? If you need help preparing for an Interview stop by the Career Center. The staff is available to assistance students and alumni in learning strategies to effectively handle the job interview. The Career Center also has a CD titled “My Interview Simulator” that provides the viewer with numerous questions one may encounter on a job interview. For additional resources on Interviewing skills visit: