Executive Council

Pamela G. Senegal


pamela.senegal digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2100



Doris W. Carver

Vice President, Continuing Education

doris.carver digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2111



Marvin R. Miller

Vice President, Administrative Services/Chief Financial Officer

marvin.miller digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2128



Allison D. Satterfield

Executive Director, Piedmont Community College Foundation

allison.satterfield digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2102



Shelly T. Stone-Moye

Vice President, Student Development

shelly.stone digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2163



Elizabeth M. Townsend

Director, Public Information and Marketing

elizabeth.townsend digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2104



David L. Wehrenberg

Instructor, Industrial Systems Technology

david.wehrenberg digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2135



Frank J. Wyman, III

Director, Research and Institutional Effectiveness

frank.wyman digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2237


Executive Council

Executive Council Membership

Dr. Pamela G. Senegal

Dr. Doris W. Carver
Vice President, Continuing Education

Shelly Stone
Interim Vice President, Instruction and Student Development

Vice President, Administrative Services

Rick Farmer
Director, Grants

Cindy Fox
Executive Assistant to the President

Director, Research and Institutional Effectiveness

Allison Satterfield
Executive Director, PCC Foundation

Shelly Stone
Provost, Caswell County Campus/ Dean, Caswell Curriculum Programs

Elizabeth Townsend
Director, Public Information & Marketing

Dave Wehrenberg
Faculty Association President


The Executive Council, led by the President, serves as the senior leadership team. It meets twice monthly, and its role is to:
  • Bring together persons representing each area of activity at the College for a status update;
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the President on matters related to the administration of the institution;
  • Review policy and procedure items which relate to faculty and staff;
  • Oversee the planning, evaluative and budgeting annual cycles;
  • Facilitate the development and review of the conceptual vision for the College;
  • Update the College’s Long Range Plan and Strategic Plans;
  • Discuss ways the College can become a more integral part of the economic development of both Person and Caswell counties.