Job Profiling
Thank you for your interest in learning more about how to be more effective at hiring the right person the first time. Piedmont Community College believes in the WorkKeys® Job Profiling process. The College has a certified job profiler who can assist you in defining the skills levels and knowledge levels your employees or potential employees need in order to be more effective, productive workers.Additionally, the College can provide assessment services to identify these skill levels. For more information, contact Debra Seamster, Director, Customized Training program at (336) 599-6622 or

WorkKeys® Job Profiling

Do you want to:
  • Reduce employee turnover?
  • Save money on employee training costs?
  • Hire skilled employees for entry level jobs?

Job Profiling may be your answer! It:
  • Supports hiring, promotion, and training decisions,
  • Uses focus groups and ACT-trained facilitators,
  • Offers proven methodology and reliable results,
  • Uses ACT's SkillPro® software,and
  • Meets requirements adopted by the EEOC.

The Process

With ACT's Job Profiling process, a PCC ACT-trained facilitator works collaboratively with groups of your employees to complete each job analysis. Employees serve as the subject matter experts who define the tasks and skills needed to perform a specific job successfully. An analysis of critical tasks and skills are identified and aligned with levels of effective performance.

By matching the job profile information with individual scores on the WorkKeys assessments, you can make reliable decisions about hiring, training, and program development needs. For those not meeting desired levels of knowledge, employees may enroll into Key Train® to improve their skills.

Visit ACT’s website for additional details on WorkKeys® Job Profiling and assessments or contact Ms. Seamster for a free consultation. The KeyTrain® website will provide additional data on training to improve your worker's skills.

For More Information Contact:

Debra Seamster, Certified ACT WorkKeys Job Profiler
Director Customized Training Programs
(336) 599-6622
(888) 922-4282 Fax
105 North Main Street, Roxboro, NC 27573