Jingle on Main

Join us for Jingle on Main 2013

Thursday, December 5

Event Activities                        *              Luminary Form Here

5 p.m.

  • Streets line with luminaries - in honor, in memory or as a Merry Christmas gift to loved ones. Luminaries are $10 each. Luminary form here
  • Singing by local school groups (if your group is interested in participating, contact the Chamber at 599-8333)
  • Photos with Santa - free (inside Carver Agency sponsored by PCC Alumni Partnership)
  • Santa's Workshop - Where children make free ornaments (in front of Partnership for Children sponsored by the Partnership for Children)
  • Hayrides - NEW THIS YEAR - free (sponsored by the Person County Tourism Development Authority)
  • Art Reception at the Kirby Gallery - free exhibit of works by members of the Person County Art Guild and PCC art students
  • Hot cocoa for sale by Merritt Commons and at local businesses

6:30 p.m.

  • Tree Lighting at Merritt Commons. Tree donated by Roxboro City Council.

7:00 p.m.

  • Movies at the Kirby - "Mickey and Minnie's Christmas Carol"
  • Free, but canned food items and gently used coats for the Christian Help Center are appreciated.
7:45 p.m.
  • Movie at the Kirby - "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
  • Free, but canned food items and gently used coats for the Christian Help Center are appreciated.

Uptown businesses have been asked to stay open for your shopping enjoyment. In addition, some businesses will have food and beverages for sale.

For more information, please contact Beth at 322-2102 or Elizabeth.Townsend@piedmontcc.edu.

Jingle on Main is sponsored by the Directors’ Roundtable, an organization representing: Kirby Cultural Arts Complex, the Person County Museum, Person County Public Library, Person County Recreation, Art and Parks Department, Person County TDA, Person County United Way, PCC, Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce, Roxboro Area Merchants Association, and the Senior Center.

Jingle on Main - 2012

A special thank you to everyone who joined us Uptown for Jingle on Main! For photos from the event, click here.

Luminaries in honor of, in memory of and as a Merry Christmas gifts lined the streets. Over $1,000 was raised to support the Kirby Rebirth: Upstairs-Uptown renovation project.

Luminaries lit were for (printable list here)

In Honor of
Walter & Melissa Bartlett from Bayard & Janice Crumpton
City of Roxboro Employees from Merilyn P. Newell
Rachel Dossett from Mike Dossett
Bertha Mae Ellis from Walter & Melissa Bartlett
Esther Hodges from Bonnie Hodges Meeler
John Hodges, Sr. from Bonnie Hodges Meeler
Rose Hodges from Bonnie Hodges Meeler
Linda Matthews from Jessica Jackson
Denise Meredith from Sheri Narin
Anna Rose Narin from Sheri Naron
Jean D. Newell from Merilyn P. Newell
Toni Noblett from The Lockharts
Patsy J. Perkins from Merilyn Newell
Roxboro Savings Bank from Merilyn Newell
Thank you Roxboro for the love and support from Brian McIntyre
Thomas Watson from Bonnie Meeler
Tammy Whitt from Jessica Jackson

In Memory of
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Bartlett, Sr. from Walter & Melissa Bartlett
Susie Donevan Bowes from Juanita Dunn & Family
Mary Elaine Brigham from Jackie & Dave
Ada Brinkley from Lisa Cooley
Blaine Brinkley from Lisa Cooley
Nancy Burruss from Carver Agency
Tom Burton from Carver Agency
Ray Carr from Wanda M. Carr
Ernest Clayton from Betty Jean Clayton
Ireson Cooley from Lisa Cooley
Opal Cooley from Lisa Cooley
Kenneth R. Coulter from Marlene Coulter
A. Eugene Doutt from Al & Jo Hancock
Janet E. Pannone Doutt from Al & Jo Hancock
Margaret Hendershot Doutt from Al & Jo Hancock
Joseph L. Ellis, Sr. from Walter & Melissa Bartlett
Frank Evans from Alvin, Christy & Tatum Puett
Thomas C. Florance from Betsey Smith
Chester Fogleman from Leon & Pat
Doris Fogleman from Leon & Pat
Eleanor Fox from Carver Agency
Rhonda B. Fraser from Naomi C. Johnson
Aileen L. Gordon from Alan & Cindy Hicks
Frederic S. Gordon from Alan & Cindy Hicks
Allen W. Hancock, Jr. from Al & Jo Hancock
Reba W. Hancock from Al & Jo Hancock
Elizabeth P. Hicks from Alan & Cindy Hicks
George A. Hicks from Alan & Cindy Hicks
Beth Horton from The Lockharts
Ben Ivey from Beth Cates
Bobbie King from Anne Bettendorf
Alton McCullen from Leon & Pat
Bessie McCullen from Leon & Pat
Alvester Meredith from Sheri Narin
Nita Mooney from Ronnie & Jessica
Nita Mooney (Nana) from Tyler
W. T. Mooney, Jr. from Ronnie, Jessica & Tyler
Maxine “Mickey” Moore from Your Children, Grandchildren & Great-Grandchildren
Stephen “Mutt” Moore from Your Children, Grandchildren & Great-Grandchildren
Sarah Elizabeth Morton from Judy & Carlton Batten
Carolynn Murphy from Lisa Cooley
John Nelson from Carver Agency
G. Douglas “Doug” Newell from Merilyn Newell
Doug Newell from Al and Jo Hancock
Frances Oakley from A. C. Oakley & Family
Ed Perez from Jackie & Dave
Frank Perry from Kay Carver
Hester Aaron Plott from R. E. “Hank” Plott
Robert Reed from Carver Agency
Jim Rose from Lisa Cooley
Mother of Judith Samhuel from Carver Agency
William (Bill) Sarnecky from Bobby & Doris Carver
Josiah Thomas, Sr. from Josiah Thomas, Jr.
Larry Thornburg from Carver Agency
Ben West from Earleen West
Ben West from Lynn West
Earl Wilburn from Jody & Lil Rick
Johnnie Lanell Williams from Lana Haines
Hazel Wilkerson from Bobby & Doris Carver
J. Felton Wilkerson from Bobby & Doris Carver
Joyce D. Wilkerson from Bobby & Doris Carver
Dorothy Wood from Ernie Wood
Ernest B. Wood, Sr. from Ernie Wood
Albana Wrenn from Pam Wood
Chesley Wrenn from Pam Wood

Merry Christmas to
Ms. Amanda from Olivia Townsend
Heather Barker from Lisa Cooley
Walter & Melissa Bartlett from K. M. Cox
John Betterton from Olivia Townsend
Mr. Bridget from Olivia Townsend
Kaitlin Carver from Pa & Mimi
Matthew Carver from Pa & Mimi
Richard Cooley from Lisa Cooley
Virginia Cooley from Lisa Cooley
Employees of Person County Schools from Margaret Bradsher
Ganey Family from Erin Elizabeth Ganey
Kickin’ Cuties Soccer Team from a Loyal Fan
Dawn Langley from Patti Morgan
Patti Morgan from Lisa Cooley
Maggie Muller from Santa
Tom Murphy from Lisa Cooley
PCC Board of Trustees from Walter & Melissa Bartlett
PCC Faculty, Staff & Students from Dr. Walter Bartlett
Person County Employees from Heidi York, County Manager
Mrs. Sanford from Olivia Townsend
DuPre & Karey Sanders from Reid & Bonnie Davis
Scratchy & LuLu from Santa
Olivia Townsend from Santa
Beth Townsend from K. M. Cox
Ethan Tyburski from Santa
Ethan’s Mommy & Daddy from Santa
Jean Waldo from Lisa Cooley
Nancy Watts from Sheri Narin
Mrs. Williams from Olivia Townsend
Lyla Grace York from Mommy

Thanks also to the many uptown merchants who stayed open for the event. For a list, click here!

A look back at "Jingle on Main" in 2011

Santa came to Roxboro on Thursday, December 8, 2011 to "Jingle on Main". 

After a tree lighting and carolling by the Community Choir at Merritt Commons it was off to the Kirby Cultural Arts Complex for tours, art, photos with Santa at Carver Agency and "The Polar Express" being shown in the Kirby Theater.

On their walk to the Kirby, guest's paths were lit by luminaries as part of a fundraiser for the Arts Endowment at Piedmont Community College.  Over $1,000 was raised in the first year.  Thank you to all who participated. Event Photo Here!

2011 Luminaries displayed at "Jingle on Main"printable list, click here