Person Campus Map

Person County Campus Map

Person County Campus Buildings

The Person County campus of PCC consists of seventeen buildings all constructed since 1977. Buildings A through H were built in 1977. Building I and J were completed in the early 1980’s. Building L and M were built in the 1990’s. Building N, O, Q, R and S were built in the 2000’s with Building S, the Science and Technology Building being completed in 2009. Building T, the Person Early College for Innovation and Leadership building is the most recent with construction completed in 2019.

Building A: Includes Administration, Business Office, and Personnel. The President, Vice Presidents and associated support staff are located in this building.

Building B: Primarily made up of classrooms but also includes Academic Computing support as well as the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Building C: Consists of classrooms, computer labs and faculty offices.

Building D: Includes a 2,300 square foot auditorium, teleconference space and classrooms. It also houses the Piedmont Community College Foundation offices.

Building E (Upper Level): Includes Student Development Offices, Financial Aid, Adult Basic Skills, Human Resource Development, and the Student Lounge including a Dining / Vending / Kitchen area. There is elevator access to each floor.

Building E (Lower Level): Includes Maintenance with Shipping and Receiving, the Bookstore, and Information Technology. There is elevator access to each floor.

Building F: Consists of welding lab, electronics lab, biology lab, faculty offices and classroom space.

Building G: Consists mainly of labs, classrooms and office space housing programs such as Nursing, Welding, Cosmetology and the Academic Success Center.

Building H: Houses the Learning Commons and the Child Development Center.

Building I: The Industrial Skills building including Gunsmithing with classroom / lab space, offices and storage space.

Building J: A Maintenance workshop.

Building L: Primarily Faculty Offices with some Distance Learning classroom space.

Building M: Classroom space for Vocational Technology Instruction.

Building O: Located in downtown Roxboro at 105 North Main Street. This building is home to the Business Development Center.

Building Q: A small storage building on campus.

Building R: A small storage building on campus.

Building S: This building is known as the Science and Technology building and includes lab and classroom space. It also includes a 3,000 square foot multi-purpose room with a kitchen.

Building T: This building will house the Person Early College for Innovation and Leadership (PECIL) program with classroom and offices for students, faculty and staff.