Transfer Process
The college transfer program consists of courses which have been specifically designed to transfer to colleges within the University of North Carolina System. The Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) which is approved by Board of Governors of The University of North Carolina and the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges, facilitates the successful transfer of certain courses. The degrees which are considered “transfer” degrees are: The Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, and the Associate in Science. Although, there are three major “transfer” degrees, some schools have agreed to accept others. Information regarding other accepted degrees can be obtained from a transfer counselor. The North Carolina Community College Common Course Library lists courses which have been approved for transfer to the University of North Carolina Institutions. There are many private colleges and universities who have elected to participate in the college transfer program (see a counselor for more information on these schools). The transfer program allows students to begin pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at the community college level. A successful student completes a two-year degree at the community college level and moves on to a four-year institution to complete the remaining two years (junior and senior years) for completion of a Bachelor’s degree. A breakdown of transfer coursework can be obtained from faculty and staff advisors.