Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Our Mission

Piedmont Community College enriches lives by providing lifelong learning, educational and training programs for today’s global workforce, and cultural opportunities for Person and Caswell Counties.

Our Vision

Piedmont Community College strives to be the leading contributor to the economic, educational and cultural vitality of our communities.

Our Values

The College accomplishes its Mission as it embraces the following values:

The College enables creative teachers, through critical thought, not only to teach the learner but also to learn from the learner.

Economic Development
The College acts as a catalyst by providing leadership and state-of-the-art education and training for economic and workforce development.

The College provides affordable and accessible education and training.

The College builds understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and helps students understand their roles as global citizens.

The College values the principles of personal ethics, integrity, academic honesty, civic responsibility, and accountability.

The College provides lifelong learning, cultural opportunities, youth outreach, civic service, and public spaces.

The College serves the community by supporting its needs and goals.


2010-2015 Strategic Planning Goals & Objectives 

Download the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan

Goal: Lifelong Learning

Provide opportunities that support a culture of lifelong learning by promoting educational activities


  1. Provide comprehensive technical and career assessments, certifications and licensure programs to meet area workforce needs
  2. Implement strategies to increase the number of individuals with high school equivalency diplomas, building a foundation for future learning 
  3. Develop and promote professional development opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the College and its community 
  4. Provide service-learning opportunities that expose students to a lifestyle of community involvement and the community to lifelong learning 
  5. Create a college culture in which members engage in lifelong learning
  6. Provide accessibility to lifelong learning opportunities to the community
  7. Promote career exploration to assist prospective students in choosing educational programs suited to their interests and abilities


Goal: Educational and Training Programs (1 of 2)

Provide educational and training programs that prepare individuals to succeed in a globally competitive market


  1. Partner with business, industry, and community organizations to ensure that educational programs meet current, future, and entrepreneurial workforce skill requirements
  2. Identify and implement new educational and training programs that close gaps in workforce basic skills
  3. Respond to service area constituencies in start-up and delivery of educational and training programs
  4. Meet the needs of diverse learners through innovative programs and delivery methods
  5. Implement strategies that promote and increase learner participation, retention, and completion, particularly in underserved and underachieving populations


Goal: Educational Training Programs (2 of 2)

Provide institutional support that fosters and promotes student success


  1. Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to ensure that they are current in their field and in instructional methodologies
  2. Advance the College through aggressive pursuit of external resources, opportunities, and partnerships
  3. Acquire and maintain state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and facilities
  4. Provide academic assistance, student support services, financial literacy, and career services that contribute to student success


Goal: Cultural Opportunities

Provide a broad range of cultural opportunities for the College and communities we serve


  1. Create an environment in which College and community members can explore the arts and humanities through critical discourse
  2. Sponsor a variety of cultural and artistic events for the College and community
  3. Provide opportunities to enhance global awareness and broader connectivity to diverse cultures


Goal: Culture of Evidence

Create and sustain a culture of evidence and continuous improvement


  1. Integrate the College’s Core Competencies into the fabric of educational and training programs
  2. Adopt a uniform and technology-based approach to data collection and dissemination
  3. Identify and assess appropriate program and service area outcomes
  4. Use data informed decision-making processes