The PCC Foundation awards more than 100 scholarships to deserving students each year.  The Scholarship Program was established in 1981 by the children of R. D. Bumpass, the late Jane Carver Bumpass and the Cavel Division of Collins & Aikman Corporation.  Through the benevolence of numerous corporations, businesses, civic organizations and individuals, the Scholarship Program continues to grow and serve. 

Special thanks to our partners at Duke Energy for sponsoring our Scholarship Program this year! 


How to Apply for PCC Foundation Scholarships

The PCC Foundation Scholarship application process is currently closed. Please check back for the anticipated re-opening in late February. In the meantime, please check with the PCC Financial Aid Team at (336) 322-2159 for potential external scholarship opportunities.


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Types of Scholarships

Scholarship Endowment

The Heritage Society, begun in 1982, is PCC’s endowed scholarship program.  It consists of 76 endowed scholarships which form the core of the Foundation’s Scholarship program.  The Heritage Society continues to grow because of the special donors who wish to provide educational opportunities for people in their community. Those endowed scholarships include:


Anne Rogers Brooks Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Barbara Jean Hiskey Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Bartlett-Ellis Scholarship Endowment
Becky Williamson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Betty Long Scholarship Endowment
Bill Green Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Billy and Kay Reynolds Scholarship
Brookland Home Extension Club Scholarship Endowment
CJ and Vera Moore White Scholarship Endowment
Catherine Rogers Jernigan Scholarship Endowment
Cogentrix Scholarship Endowment
Crown Crafts Scholarship Endowment
Dialight Corporation Scholarship Endowment
Donald and Becky Gentry Wilson Endowment
Dr. Andres` T. Melero Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dr. H. James Owen Scholarship Endowment
Duke Energy Scholarship Endowment
Duke Energy-Mayo Plant Scholarship Endowment sponsored by Employees 
Durham Coca Cola Scholarship Endowment in Memorial of Herbert Lea
Earl E. Bradsher Scholarship Endowment
Ed and Grace Cox Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Elbert and Mary Moore Scholarship Endowment
Enos “Country” Slaughter Scholarship Endowment
Ella R. and Casper Timberlake Scholarship Endowment
Exchange Club of Roxboro Scholarship Endowment
Forever Remembering PFC Richie Jones Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Fred and Frances Barwick Scholarship Endowment
F. L. “Hugh” Moore Memorial Scholarship Endowment
GKN Automotive Inc. Endowment
Gordon P. Allen Family Scholarship Endowment
Jacqueline Hall Moore Ambassador Scholarship Endowment
Jack and Mabel Moore Hester Scholarship Endowment
James Obadiah and Ida T. Pearce Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Jean K. Andrews Scholarship Endowment
Jimmy and Delores White Scholarship Endowment
John R. Bradsher Scholarship Endowment
J. Henderson Munday Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Landon and Mildred Bradsher Scholarship Endowment
Mary Ruth Moore Gentry Scholarship Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Cox Memorial Scholarship
Patricia Knott Horner Scholarship Endowment
PCC Alumni Partnership Scholarship Endowment
Person County Veterans Agricultural Fair Association Endowment
Person Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship Endowment
Phillip Kerns Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Piedmont Community College Trustees’ Scholarship Endowment
R. Arnold Rogers Scholarship Endowment
R. D. Bumpass Scholarship for Academic Excellence
Reed and Pauline Clayton Scholarship Endowment
Richard and Kathy Cates Scholarship Endowment
Rose Rogers Woodall Scholarship Endowment
Rotary Club of Roxboro, Person County World War II Veterans Scholarship Endowment
Rowan Walters Scholarship Endowment
Roxboro Savings Bank Scholarship Endowment
Roxboro Woman’s Club Scholarship Endowment
Royal Jackson and Carrie Crumpton Rogers Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Ruth Martin Owen Memorial Scholarship Endowment
S. Ray and Nancy Crews Scholarship Endowment
Samuel M. Oakley, Jr. Scholarship
Stovall Family Scholarship Endowment
The Arc of Person County Scholarship Endowment
The Hugh Gravitt Scholarship Endowment
The Westmoreland Family Scholarship Endowment
Thomas Carter Florance Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Thomas Gold and Maude Meadows Brooks Scholarship Endowment
Thomas R. and Vickie B. Gilliam Scholarship Endowment
Victor and Dorothy Williford Scholarship Endowment
Victoria Cox Buresch Scholarship Endowment
W. Henry Hicks Scholarship Endowment
W. Knox and Zelma Whitefield Moore Scholarship Endowment
W. T. “Billy” Watkins Scholarship Endowment
Walter, Alpha, Neil Humphries Scholarship Endowment
Wells Fargo Scholarship Endowment
Wheeler L. Carver, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Womack Scholarship Endowment
Zeke & Pam Smith Family and Friends 327 Scholarship Endowment Fund

Endowments provide funds for a scholarship in perpetuity and require a minimum donation of $10,000 to create.  This amount may be reached over a three (3) year period. Once the scholarship reaches permanent status, one year is needed to accumulate income sufficient to fund the scholarship award. Investment of the principal of each endowment shall be handled in accordance with the Foundation investment policies.

Annual Scholarships

The Foundation currently has several one year scholarships available.  This type of scholarship can be named for a business, organization or individual.  These scholarships can be renewed each year with an additional donation.  The minimum donation for a one year scholarship is $250.  Current annual scholarships include:


Alan C. Duncan Young Alumni Leadership Scholarship
Billy and Kay Reynolds Scholarship
Blake Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Brianna Marie Wrenn Memorial Scholarship
Charles E. Hubbard, NC/VA State Trooper Honorary Scholarship
Duke Energy Scholarship
Judson Clint Regan Memorial Scholarship
Leona Page Aldridge Memorial Scholarship
Morgan Family Scholarship
PCC Alumni Partnership High School Scholarship
PCC Alumni Partnership New Beginnings Scholarship
PCC Ambassador
P&A Industrial Fabrications, LLC Scholarship
Piedmont Community College Foundation Scholarship
Piedmont Electric Helping Hands Foundation Scholarship
Rossie Jeffers Holloway Scholarship
Roxboro Kiwanis Club
Roxboro Lion’s Club Scholarship
Ruth Clayton Memorial Scholarship

External Scholarships

External scholarships become available during the year through PCC’s Financial Aid Office. Information about these scholarships can be found below.

Scholarship Information

PCC Foundation Scholarship Application Open to All Students

Are you enrolled or enrolling in classes at PCC? If you currently have a 2.0 GPA or higher, you could qualify for a PCC Foundation Scholarship! Some of the awards are based on merit, while others take financial need into consideration.

Applications are accepted online through November 13 for the spring semester. Applications are evaluated by a committee of donors. Students are typically notified via email once recipients have been selected.

Click Here to Apply!

Use your PCC Blackboard user name and password information to sign in (application will be open until November 13). Funds available to use this spring at PCC. A complete application will include:

  • Completed PCC application (this will give you a PCC Student ID);
  • Completed FAFSA (use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari for best results);
  • Applicant's high school, homeschool, high school equivalency, and previous college transcripts to PCC's Student Development Office;
  • Emails for two individuals who will provide a recommendation letter for applicant (not related to applicant);
  • Detailed answers to scholarship application questions;
  • Questions? Contact Sandy Parker at

Remember: To be considered for a scholarship, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2020-21 and supply all necessary documentation to the Financial Aid office prior to the scholarship deadline. Click here to learn more about Financial Aid


Application Guidelines

  • Be complete when responding to application questions;
  • Applicants submit ONE application per cycle;
  • Maintain a 2.0  GPA and enroll in a minimum during the semester(s);
  • Scholarships awarded through the Foundation are only for use at Piedmont Community College;
  • Scholarships do not require repayment unless the terms of the scholarship are violated;
  • All scholarships are competitive and are based on criteria established by donors.

Selection Process

  • The selection committee assigns numerical scores to each essay question based on content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Scholarship application evaluations are anonymous Applicant names, ID #s, and demographic information is omitted during the review.
  • Foundation scholarships are awarded based on the essay score and the scholarship criteria as set forth by the donor, including but not limited to: demonstrated financial need academic information (primary major, credits completed, etc.), and academic performance (GPA).